Behind The Scenes

On location in Miami with the movie “Pretty Boy.”

On location in Boston with the film “Hunting In America.”

Waiting for the call to action on the TV series “Ocean Ave.”.

In the sound booth doing some voice over.

A quick pic with the Hitman, as the crew breaks down after filming the movie “Off The Chain.”

Sometimes, people off camera go out of their way to make you break character… and succeed.

Studying the points of action before shooting, on the film “Beginings.”

A very bloodied director calls it a day on “The Execution of a Man.”

On location in Nevada with the History Channel TV series “Breaking Vegas.”

Split screen of a rehearsal and action shot with Brian Grant, during the filming of a commercial for The Miami Heat.

Filming a scene in green screen on the movie “Zombie Unit 713.”

Shooting a scene on the movie “Vale Tudo Project.”

Filming a commercial for First Federal Bank on the soundstage in Miami.

Horsing around on location with the movie “6 Angels.”

The cast and crew breaking for lunch on the set.

Fierro is wrapped on the set of E!’s “The Michael Jackson Trial” in Los Angeles.

Taking some pointers from director Ari Novak, on the movie “Final Engagement.”

Choreographing an action sequence for ‘Everyman’s Story,” on the soundstage in Orlando Florida.

On location, waiting for the day’s shooing to begin.

Not as much fun as it looks, being covered in sticky blood all day long.

Getting into character just a few seconds before rolling.

The actors hanging in there and having a laugh after 7 takes of running down a hill.

On the very strange, macabre set of “The Glass Eye.”