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Angelo Fierro grew up on the tough streets of Boston’s Historic Little Italy: The North End. His first network television appearance came by way of an automobile commercial for Toyota. He later began to study acting when he halfheartedly took several theatre electives in college. The course of the ensuing two years marked his appearance in a number of major film roles. He’s since established a career on diverse roles in a steady stream of productions. A veteran actor, he has performed in over sixty projects, encompassing feature movies, TV shows and short films.

A chameleon on screen, he’s traversed most genres including comedy and interestingly, has appeared at Stand Up New York. His range stretches from the portrayal of the humble, homeless “Bono” in Flowers From Felipe, to a brutal killer in Bedfellows. He’s been featured in various newspaper and magazine articles and his rendition of the simple minded “Pedro” in Prisoner’s Dilemma, gained him a nomination for Best Actor at Miami’s 2002 Canes Film Festival. Seemingly his stock and trade however, is Fierro’s extensive list of villain roles. He’s appeared as varied underworld figures, most notably that of his breakthrough television role as the Russian mob boss “Vladimir,” on Ocean Avenue with Megan Fox. He also portrayed the real-life counterfeiter Louis Colavecchio, in the television series Breaking Vegas. His feature films include his depiction of gangster “John Knight” in Final Engagement with Peter Greene, and “Carlos Rios” in Senorita Justice with Eva Longoria. Other television appearances include the series Untold Stories Of The E.R. and E!’s The Michael Jackson Trial, as well as numerous commercials.

An avid outdoorsman and water sports enthusiast, Fierro’s great passion has always been the sea. He likes to stay active scuba diving, kayaking and jet skiing. He’s even been known to catch a wave or two and jump out of a perfectly good airplane. An aficionado of Stanislavski, he says of performing however, “The recreation of truth through acting and the exploration of film as an art form, remain the driving force of my life.”

Joseph Chinzi – North End Magazine