New Releases

“white wolf, black wolf” trailer released on youtube.

The trailer for the multi-award winning script and upcoming film “White Wolf, Black Wolf”, which was directed by Angelo Fierro, has been released to YouTube. The trailer wins Semi-Finalist Award for Best Trailer at the 2019 Utah Film Festival. See the first production officially directed by Fierro and released anywhere at

“D-Day”released on Youtube.

This hilarious comedy follows the escapades of Bruce (Fierro) as he tries to woo Sally, the object of his desires. Will he succeed? All’s fair on D-Day! Watch it at

“final engagement” released on dvd.

This action packed crime drama stars Peter Greene, with Fierro as the devious John Knight. Fierro portrays an underworld soldier who has his own ideas as to how a Miami crime syndicate should be run. At all video retail outlets.

“once upon a wedding” released on dvd.

Fierro makes a cameo as a bodyguard in this star-packed comedy starring Esai Morales and A. Martinez. At all video retail outlets.

“6 Angels” released on dvd.

This thriller follows the trials of a young woman who wakes from a 12 year coma, to find she has been resurrected as an angel of God’s inner circle on earth. Fierro plays the dual roles of Lazarus, a leader monk of the righteous angels as well as the evil shape-shifter Othin. At all video retail outlets.

“BollyWood and vine” released on dvd.

Fierro portrays an enamored detective in this zany comedy about an aging scream queen. Billed by REEL FILM REVIEWS as “…the sort of romantic comedy one would expect out of Hollywood (albeit a with a slightly more twisted sense of humor).” At all video retail outlets.

“with friends like these” released on netflix.

After Cleo (portrayed by rapper Trina) loses everything to her shady boyfriend and uncaring IRS Agent Jenkins (Fierro), inheriting her aunt’s beauty salon seems like a godsend. But she soon realizes that running a successful salon is anything but glamorous. Originally conceived and aired as a television pilot, its now available on Netflix.

“breaking vegas” released on dvd & youtube (spanish language version).

Fierro stars in the History Channel TV Series Breaking Vegas. He portrays real-life counterfeiter Louis Colavecchio, in the The Counterfeit King episode. Available at the History Store and now the Spanish Language version can be seen on YouTube at

‘feeding the masses” released on dvd.

Fierro appears in this zombie horror thriller, billed by one reviewer as “… a higher level than any of the three ‘Of The Dead’ films…” Fierro portrays a mysterious government agent whose mission is to get a hold of vital film footage at any cost. At all video retail outlets and Netflix.

“off the chain” released on netflix.

When a vengeful housewife decides to get rid of her cheating husband, she calls a hit-man. Unfortunately the hit-man (played by Fierro), turns out to be an undercover cop. This hilarious comedy can now be seen on Netflix and other online video sites.

‘in touch with reality’ released on dvd.

Fierro appears in comedian Benji Brown’s hilarious comedy DVD. He plays “Maury” in one of the segments. A zany spoof of the Maury Povich show. At all video retail outlets.

‘Senorita Justice’ released on dvd.

Fierro portrays Carlos Rios in this urban drama, starring Eva Longoria and Tito Puente Jr.. Fierro is a kind-hearted Cuban dad in this story of a beautiful young lawyer turned vigilante. At all video retail outlets.