Film Stills

Portraying brilliant counterfeiter, Louis Colavecchio, in the TV series “Breaking Vegas.”

A corrupt prison guard on TV’s “America’s Most Wanted.”

John, the maintenance man, in the the TV show “Intruder.”

A purse snatcher, in a commercial for The Miami Heat.

Gangster John Knight takes on his boss in the movie “Final Engagement.”

As the hilarious, enamored Bruce in “D-DAY.”

The homeless addict Jon, in the touching “Roads.”

A prison guard with a lot to lose in this chess game, in “Everyman’s Story.”

An old world style hitman in “Bedfellows.”

A possibly murderous father in “Laid to Rest.”

A captive, yet unyielding Pedro in “Prisoner’s Dilemma.”

Portraying witness Kassim Abdool, on TV’s “The Michael Jackson Trial.”

Portraying Louie B. Mayer on A&E’s “Biography.”

Doing a Tony Soprano parody, in a series of TV commercials spoofing “The Sopranos.”

As Lazarus, leader of the righteous angels in the movie “6 Angels.”

In a secondary role as the evil shape-shifter Othin, in the movie “6 Angels.”

Jim is living a dream, literally, in the film “Amnesia.”

Reed keeps an eye out for zombies, in the movie “Zombie Unit 713.”

As the kind, homeless Bono in “Flowers from Felipe.”

A government agent, tired of excuses in the movie “Feeding the Masses.”

As the wheelchair-bound Fats, in the movie “Mutual Admiration Society.”

A distraught dad in “Housekeeping.”

As Russian mob boss Vladimir, in the TV series “Ocean Ave.”

Discussing film on TV talk show “Sounds Good.”

Playing a comedic surgeon in a TV commercial for MTV.

As grieving father, Carlos Rios in the movie “Senorita Justice.”

The brutal killer Sal, in “The Execution of a Man.”

An unrelenting Hector, in “Back Alley.”

Attorney Donlan, in the award winning film “Hunting in America.”

As the tattoo artist Manny, in “Notes for Natalia.”

As Chef Ferulio, in the Italian comedy “Il Bocconcino.”

As the hilarious and creepy undertaker, John Fazio in “The Glass Eye.”

The kidnapper Petrone, in the movie “Birthright.”